Monday, July 29, 2013

^V^ Mr Wong needs yr help ^V^


I am sure most of u hv read this article in STAR yesterday , Yes ,  Mr Wong needs yr help , I hv done my part n donated this morning , take some of yr stock profit  2 help him , who knows one day we may need help from somebody , Armitabha.

4 those who wanna 2 help him , u can bank into his MAYBANK AC : WONG KHAI LOON  112503111487

Friday, January 11, 2013

^V^ Property n Plantation stocks investment , Sweet nome ^_- not necessary need 2 be a luxury one ^V^

^V^ Home , is d most warmest place 4 human being , it is not necessary need 2 be luxury one , as long as it is comfortable , that is d best place 4 u 2 live on ^_- My sweet home , which I bot in year 2002 , d price I bot is amazing , only RM 326,800 with BU area of 4,000sf+- ( 6 bed rooms , 3 bathrooms + 3 living rooms ) ! further more it is a free hold land !!! can u believe it ? it is now worth more than 1.3 million easily .... Property investment is d most fruitful investment if one hv holding power ,just imagine , 10 to 20 years from now, do u think u can still buy a condo below RM 800 K ? Besides property , u can oso invest in plantation stocks , in long term , plantation stock will never fails u ! besides its annual returns by palm oil ,u need 2 take into account of its land appreciation ! When u drive along d highway , look at d plantation lands along both sides , 20 years from now , how much will it worth ? though it is not under commercial title n oso not as expensive as commercial land , still it will appreciate along d rise of property ^_- Plantation stocks like Cepat , Rsawit , IOIcorp ,TDM, Twsplant will definitely bring u awesome returns in years 2 come ^_- Btw , ever since I hv involved in saving cancer patients stuff , luck r on my side , may be this is what ppl called GOOD KARMA , if u ever come across any cancer patients need help , pls do not hesitate 2 contact me @ or visit my website at > May god bless u with d good deeds u hv done ^_-

Saturday, August 25, 2012

^V^ Cancer Savior ,seeing is believing ^V^

^V^ To all , If u hv friends or relatives having serious cancer , dont hesitate 2 contact ( email ) me , friend of mine whose hv critical cancer last year ( stage 4 ) is now HEAL ! I am sure most of u r doubt about d " Cancer Savior " therapy , well... click d attachment n see yrself , amazing ! d first one was Mr Yau , he is d father of d nutrition doctor , he was found with prostate cancer @ age of 79 , he was told to have 3 months left n yet he survived until now ! awesome ! look at his PSA level ! it was 1544 as compared to normal ppl of < 4 ! after 2 years , his PSA level dropped to 4.2 which is almost at normal level ! The second one , she had Ovary Cancer in year of 2010, after she gone through Chemo Therapy n surgery , the cancer came back in less than 6 months time ! She was so upset n helpless until she came to know this natural therapy , within 4 months , her cancer tumors were gone n her Doctor get shocked after reading the medical report ! Fyi, besides the above , there are more testimony to be seen ! As known to u all , for cancer patient "TIME IS GOLDEN " ! every second COUNT especially for those @ critical stage ! Past this message around , helping ppl is also helping yrself ( Good karma 4 u n yr next generation ). Armitabha .

Friday, January 20, 2012

^V^ Samgang Dragon Year Donation ^V^

Here's Sam wishing all the members and readers of this blog a very Happy & Prosperous Dragon  Year ^_- .

Drive Safely n Be Happy ^_-

Btw... I would like 2 thanks my private members 4 yr kind donation , on behave of u guys , I hv donated RM1,000 ( RM146 tumpang n contributed by d lady boss of Wan Kak Minimarket ) to Bathel Care Centre , on behalf of d destitute children , deep from my heart :- thanks alot n kamsiah ^_- 


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

^V^ MLA Charity n Property investment ^V^


I just bot one unit of AFC condo @ price of RM330K+ not so long ago , d block that bot in is block A with package offering 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 +4 + 1 ,

These r d goodies of it >

8% per year Guaranteed Rental Return up to 25 years*

Cyberjaya Premium Apartment Guaranteed Rental Return

- Register NOW to enjoy 5% early bird discount
- 8% investment return per annum*
- Guaranteed lease to MMU for a period of 25 years
- Next to Multimedia University entrance
- Multimedia University - MMU (Estimated student population: 13,000)
- Lim Kok Wing University College (Estimated student population: 9,500)
- Size: From 913 sq ft to 1915 sq ft
- 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms
- Fully furnised


U hv d option 2 sell off after 4 years upon completion , property is booming now, with selling price of 350 per sqft, I believe there is room 4 her 2 rise , look ard... average mkt price is ard RM430 per sqft !

2 Years from now, I dont think she will stay where it is @ RM350+ per sqft , what say u ?

Margin of safety, even if mkt goes against u , with d guaranteed return of 8 % per annum , u r safe enuf 2 hv return more than FD ^_-

FYI, Andaman is also d developer of Cova Square @ Kota Damansara ( right in front of Segi Uni ), selling price @ RM280K in year 2006 , completed in year 2008, average rental ard RM2,600 n current selling price is more than RM450K liao.

4 those who r interested , I think it is safe bet n oso a good deal ^_-

Its link :-

On behalf of MLA, I would like 2 thanks u guys 4 d MLA donation as above , Kam siah _^
2 Stee,

My answer 2 u...

XXXX with total asset less than 10% of ABC is selling u @ PE >15

XXXXX with total asset worth 10% of ABC group is oso selling u @ PE >15.

ABC @ ???? is selling u @ PE 12+ !

See d gem here ?

Could it be possible that world 3 rd largest ???? or world blue chip selling u @ PE 12+ FOREVER !?

I think u shld got d answer oledi ^_-

I just got d msg from my fan hweelin that she is still keeping my favco in hand, she told me d returns is more than 100% liaoo..congrats hweelin..patience is golden ^_-

I never thought she still keeping this baby under her pillow 4 SO LONG ! ha ha

2 Chang, u hv yr points here , but 4 those who bot casa USJ ( next 2 subang summit ) n Cova square near Segi uni , they r under d same developer , n I can tell u besides high returns in rental, d property appreciation there is great ! casa USJ block A selling @ 260K + free unit trusts ,now calling 4 350K ..wait this is b4 "DAMEN" project which gonna 2 be launched by end of this month, heard they r calling 4 RM550 to RM600 per sq feet , if that happened, I can assure u USJ can easily sell @ RM400K liaooo.

Talk about Cova Square , lauching price RM280K , now selling Rm480K or rental 2,600 per month , see ? Property appreciation oso great !

K..come back 2 ARC cyberjaya , yes ..they r selling abit high as compared 2 cova n casa usj, but I think it is fair cos most of d property in klang valley has gone up 20 to 30 % since last year , hence u cant expect something like cova n casa anymore ^_-

As I mentioned in my posting , if property mkt goes against u , u still hv high rental 2 back u up, even 6.5% is good enuf 2 beat FD rate liaoo...bukan ^_-

Dont 4get, ppl r paying 4 yr installment, after 20 to 30 years, this property belongs 2 u liaooo , n I believe after 10 years , u cant buy any condo with price less than RM500K liaooo... not agree ?

2 be very honest , without d guaranteed rental returns by d developer , I will not put my money on it, I rather choose area like PJ n Damansara 4 some quick bucks , but bear in mind , no way u can get RM350 per sg feet condo in area like PJ /KL. hence... dont be too demanding , play safe is my first priority ^_-

Of coz different ppl different appetite , if u r brave enuf , soho /studio type in area near KLCC is also a high /fast returns property investment! but bear in mind , 600 sqft studio is now selling @ min 750K , expensive ? well bro...not really, it depends on d location , if u got d guts n bullets , u still can make big bucks from it ^_-

Different area different price , different ppl different appetite ^_-

Monday, January 31, 2011

^V^ Happy Jive Bunny Year , Samgang New Year Charity ^V^


2 all, I would like 2 wish u all a " happy n prosperous " Chinese new year ^_-

On behalf of I would like 2 say thank you 2 you guys for your continuous support n confidence so far 2 make Samgang a $UCCE$$ n different from other and 2 increase our wealth via investment in Share Market.

FA is the foundational key 2 all $UCCE$$ in SHARE MARKET.

D difference between success n failure is doing a thing nearly right n DO IT EXACTLY RIGHT at the right time.



Friday, January 28, 2011

^V^ Blog spammer Moolah & his buddy Mike cable (lgcsdv) 做贼喊贼! Latest members status = 3,155 ohhh u make me smile all d way 2 BANK^V^


As promised, I will blog out more stuffs about blog spammer moolah N his buddy mike cable, but b4 that, I am pretty sure sour cow does not understand this simple chinese of 做贼喊贼, can someone translate 4 him ? may be Jim Roger's daugther can do him a favor ^_-

First, take a look at , Moolah's buddy mike cable or known as lgcsdv posted so many sour comments @ my blog :-

r all these not spamming ? who is spamming now ? d most funny part was this mike loser thanks me 4 my pick of Alam , read this >

How fast this sour chap turned n changed , he is now pointed a gun at me by posted in cow blog accusing me 4 all d spamming jobs, this cheap chap is really a 2 5 chai ! is that d teaching of Christian ? I am sure not , 2 mike Lee , r u a sincere Christian ? ^_-

Sour cow , is this what u refer as "utterly no class at all" ? r u referring 2 u n yr buddy mike cable lee ?

Sour cow said I am not using FA n I should learn FA from sifu bullbear(, ha ha

Perhaps u should click on this link :-

Thanks bullbear 4 visiting my blog ^_- btw, mr bull bear, do u still remember sour moolah attacked u in seng blog ? they lough @ u about yr buy n hold strategy on Public Bank , still remember that ? ha ha.. u can see , they r keeping very quiet now, y arh ? feel d shame oledi ? ^_-

Yah sour cow, just 2 make u more fras n sour, there r another 29 new members joined me on yesterday , total members r now stood at 3,155 , total new members joined me after yr attack is near to 300, can I said 80% of this r from yr blog reader ? u know y darlie singh laugh at u by saying whatever it is " u r d sole loser " ^_-

Kam siah very much 4 yr big cny ang pao my dear mo mo cow ^_^

Lastly, I would like 2 dedicate this lovely song called " u make me smile " 2 sour cow 4 bringing me so many new members from his blog , LOL ^ d song said" u make me smile like sun ...ha ha.ooooo u make me smileeeeeeeeee all d way 2 BANKKKKKK^_-